Top 4 Cyber Security Threats For Your Law Firm

Cyberattacks on law firms are only getting worse, with the American Bar Association ABA finding that nearly one-third of surveyed attorneys experienced a security breach in 2020. The consequences can be devastating: client relationships and valuable work lost due to cybercrime at this lucrative target.

A single incident instantly damages your standing as an attorney – it devalues all those years you spent building up trust among clients who may never come back again if they’re not able quickly enough after hearing about their neighbor’s situation first hand through social media posts or conversations over coffee

1- Data Breach

The ongoing data breach problem is a major risk for firms. malicious emails designed to trick partners, lawyers, or staff into sharing login information can start the process of compromising an IT network with sensitive documents and client data that could result in contract editings/resets; passwords being changed, etc., leading up until the worst-case scenario where hackers have full access within your firm’s system(s).

Using an SSL and a reputable marketing agency for your law firm can save you from this.

2- Hacking Techniques Through Financial Redirections

When a payment is supposed to go from you, the client, and be made directly into their bank accounts or other secure sources. Instead, an attacker could intercept it along its way which can lead them to learn about your billing process as well as any business relationships with other clients that may help him financially target potential future victims if he has access to sensitive data like this already compromised company’s emails might provide him when taking over internal operations quickly before clean-up time arrives

The input states ” Financial redirection occurs”  The output statements show how someone else steals information through hacking techniques

3- Ransomware Malware

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts important files and information, including emails. The cybercriminal might also exploit vulnerabilities such as outdated operating systems to gain access for their attack campaign; this way they can launch it without being detected by anti-virus programs or security solutions on your computer system which would otherwise block them from doing so if there were no backdoors installed beforehand due either because these applications had been compromised already (a sortable list below), having obsolete defenses against newer threats

4- Website Hack

Your website can be blacklisted from popular search engines if it becomes infected with malware. This will cause your Law Firm website to lose rating, or inaccessibility due to mirror sites such as duplicate bank login pages that phish for user information; customer’s personal data could also get stolen by hackers who sell them on the dark web – making this an even bigger problem than before!

What We Do To Protect your Law Firm Website

Implementing security measures at the hosting, platform, plugin, and user level is crucial to keeping your site safe from hackers. For example, we automatically update sites with the newest secure patched branches when WordPress releases them so you don’t have to enable updates yourself! Our WP Engine monitors shared & private vulnerability feeds in order for us to be able to harden against new vulnerabilities as well

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