A Hopeful Future for Green Businesses

Starting a green business is such a hopeful thing to do. It means you have faith in yourself and in the marketplace to be willing to produce and sell in an environmentally sustainable way.

And your faith is not misplaced. A poll of U.S. consumers reveals that half would change their buying habits to be more earth-friendly. That number goes up to 77% when just the millennial generation, today’s largest consumer, is polled.

Letting the marketplace know you’re an eco-friendly business is great for growing your customer base. Knowing how to do that well takes a good working knowledge of digital media. Hiring an expert team, like New York Web Design for things like digital marketing, web design, and WordPress development, means you have the time and resources to do what you do best.

Here they offer some advice to you about making your own green business successful and sustainable.

Understanding your own carbon footprint and the ways to reduce the carbon dioxide you’re producing every day gives you a good insight into the ways you can reduce that amount for your business, too. Anything that uses fossil fuels produces carbon, so looking for products and materials that use less carbon dioxide means fewer ozone-depleting gases you’re responsible for.

Other than making an established business more eco-friendly, many ecopreneurs are starting businesses that actually promote a more sustainable future.

  • For low start-up costs, a reusable shopping bag business, especially one targeted at a particular niche, can turn into a viable business. Making them multifunctional by adding thermal design, pockets, or weatherproofing can make them available to a wider market.
  • Organic foods and organic meals catering services continue to grow in popularity. Purchasing organic ingredients locally from farmer’s markets and using low water, low energy methods to prepare them means you can market yourself to be the organic and eco-friendly alternative to other meal prep companies in your area.
  • You can also open a restaurant that serves organically grown vegetarian and vegan dishes. Using low-flow dishwashers and sinks, reusable or recyclable furnishings and tableware makes it even more earth-friendly.
  • For larger investments, manufacturing, installing, and selling solar panels means tapping into a fast-growing business. The same is true of wind farms and geothermal energy development. These will require large investments so a professional grant writer could be worth their weight in gold.
  • A green inn or B&B is another trend growing in popularity as travelers are booking more eco-friendly vacations. Having plenty of recycling stations available, using refillable shampoo and soap bottles, utilizing smart heating and cooling systems, and cleaning with organic cleansers are just a few of the ways you can promote your establishment as being environmentally conscious.

Ecopreneurship can be more costly than standard startup businesses. Though consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable goods, the initial investment in green products and materials will take a while to pay for themselves. Anyone starting a business that is committed to sustainability will have to understand that the wait for it to begin paying for itself could take longer than other business models. Consulting with owners of similar businesses to gauge their investments and returns can help you put together a more detailed and realistic business plan.

Using an online template for a go-to-market strategy can also be invaluable in keeping all the players on the same page and focused in the right direction. You’ll prevent wasted time and resources while making smarter marketing decisions.

And while digital marketing is a must-have to reach the widest possible audience, so too is the most classic and time-honored way of communicating your business, the business card. You can actually design them yourself with a quick and easy business card maker. With pre-made templates, you choose all the design features you like, then just plug in your text and image.

A hopeful future for business and our shared planet depends on everyone reducing their negative impact on the Earth. This means more sustainable use of its resources, too. Doing business in the most environmentally sound way is how we’re all showing our faith in the future.

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